Are you a woman who's ready for success  IN your business?

Let's Turn Your GIFTS Into An Expert Signature System® that is designed to make you stand out from the crowd, increase your impact and your income.

With The Expert Signature System®, you'll be able to show that you have the solution to your prospective clients’ biggest problems, laid out in a clear, easy-to-understand formula.

An expert signature system®:

**Helps you create a simple structure and focus for your business
**Gives you the ability to serve more people... while working less
**Helps you get better results for your clients
**Makes it easy to communicate exactly who you are and what you do

Is This You?

You're an ambitious faith filled female who has decided that unpredictability in your business income is no longer an option and you are certain that worrying about what your next month looks like as far as your revenue goals are concerned has to stop.  

You're a woman who knows you are gifted and you're someone  who has the faith in herself, the skills and expertise to help more people, but you don't quite know how to connect the dots and attract them to you because you don't have a structured process you're confident in.  

Here's the issue! 
Most people never take the time to identify their proven processes, ...let alone package one into a profitable, expert signature system®.

But with our Expert Signature System® Accelerator program, you can do both of these and so much more.

There is a proven method to

 help you turn your GIFTS into fruitful services that expands your Impact and Increases your Income and that is with a highly profitable expert signature system® 

An expert signature system®can catapult your business from muddling along to earning 6 or 7+figures



An expert signature system® helps you become known for something and helps you develop your brand which makes it easy to explain exactly what it is that you do. 


When people hear the name of your system they will automatically think of you and your name first. Increasing the opportunity for referrals and recommendations.


You can package your system into  high end signature program and offers to help others implement your process in their life or business.


You can use your system to increase your income and impact effectively helping more people without trading your time for money.  

After years of research, coaching and learning myself, I have finally developed a system that will help you eliminate 'what do I offer overwhelm', clarifying your most profitable path to a thriving ministry or business and high end clients


Recognise the importance of having your own signature system so that you stand out in your market and achieve significant, long- term business growth
Analyse how you currently achieve success in one aspect of your business, whether it’s for your own business or from working with clients, so that you can turn this success into a system that will help others
Map and refine your proven system into a unique, step-by-step process so that other people can easily follow it and get the results they want
 Identify the Unique Value Proposition of your signature system so that you can differentiate it from your competition
 Find the ideal target customers who will be the best fit for your signature system so that they will be able to fully benefit from implementing your system
 Create a benefits-oriented, memorable title that communicates the value of your system and will become your core branding, so your signature system can become well-known in the marketplace
Design a program that packages up your system so that people can easily learn how to implement it and get the best results possible
Develop the support materials your clients will need to implement your signature system in your new program so they can quickly put the system into practice
Decide on a price for your main expert signature system offer so that it reflects the value of your signature program and enables you to meet your revenue goals
Consolidate and implement your learning and plan further action steps, so you achieve the goals you set for this coach training course and know how to develop further.


The Expert Signature System® Accelerator Program

The Expert Signature System® is a done- with- you online coaching and training program, that includes everything you need to launch and leverage your business or ministry by creating a highly profitable asset from what you do and what you know.
You get all the things you need to faith if forward into the marketplace, establishing your credibility in your own Unique space with absolute confidence from day one.


  • 6 Bi Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls & Hot seat sessions where you get laser coaching opportunities  
  • Comprehensive workbooks and action guides& templates to help you build out your systems core pieces  for each steps.
  • Digital step by step progress tracker where you can keep up to date and see your results. 
  • 6 Month Access to the  Kingdom Coaching Growth Incubator (KCGI) Membership + 6 months complimentary (value $2997)
  • 8 step course + 3 bonus modules to help you launch and confidently market  your expert signature system & online programs  (value $950)  
  • Unlimited email support to ask questions and follow up work- (answered in office hours)
  • Private, intimate client facebook group so you can share wins, ask questions practice, and build your community of Expert buddies.
  • Private portal community for the program where you can interact directly in the platform and discuss and  share directly on module lessons.
  • Spiritual encouragement & prayer(priceless)
  • Power Up orientation program to get you ready for  embracing your  new coaching journey
  • Fast Action Bonus: Million Dollar Money Mindset Reset- 1/2 Day Group Session (value $1500)  

Hello, there! I'm  Netty.


I specialise in assisting ambitious female entrepreneurs and coaches succeed in achieving thier business or ministry goals in the marketplace.  I am a  creative, focussed and purpose driven female on fire!

I am a  woman of faith, a mother and a grandmother and woman who is insightful, soul aligned and Spirit led who's passionate about coaching you step by step to take your gifts and expertise and create a highly profitable expert signature system® that becomes the core asset in your ministry or business.  

This is important to me as I have seen many women over the years striving to get their ideas out of their heads and off the ground or to the next level who were  highly frustrated with the 'how '.  I know this to be true for many women as that was my exact  challenge too until I learned the 'how' myself.  

So, from today beautiful one, that is no longer your story!  And  from today you won't have to feel like you're going it alone, nor will you have to lack trust but instead you can breathe easy,  fill yourself with faith that you have finally made that divine connection you have been looking for for so long.  

You have today stumbled across someone who can help you take your dreams of creating business or ministry success to higher heights.  And you know I am someone who specialises in taking idea and turning them into a co created system for you that's income generating and impact achieving.

The truth is you're most likely done spending hours trying to figure it out  by yourself right,  because you're  still on the path to nowhere fast.  
And you're probably done enrolling in lots of different programs and courses that have great promises  but you've been totally underwhelmed with the deliverables.  

Right now you're ready for change. right now  you're ready for  real breakthrough and you know you need someone who you can trust  and that gives you the confidence that they can to guide you safely to where you want to be. 

 You're  on this page because we have most likely spent the last 5 days together or you have listened to my webinar or watched one of my videos and you know that you have already had some magic moments, some wins and breakthroughs.

Now,  you've obviously decided that you  want to get your business moving and you want to explore  continuing the journey and you need a  guide that can take you towards the light at the end of the tunnel.  

You can already see yourself having a great expert signature system® and having all the jigsaw pieces around you come together because the pathway ahead is clear now  with all the stepping stones you need to help you get you from where you are right now to where you aspire to be are laid out in front of you and you see me there coaching and caring for you flexibly every step of the way. 

The Expert Signature System® Accelerator Program has changed the lives of many Female Entrepreneurs and Coaches worldwide...  giving them the jumpstart business model needed to stand out in a busy marketplace..

I designed this 90 Day ESS Accelerator Program especially for ambitious female entrepreneurs and coaches to help you create a system that can earn 5 to 6 figures without having to figure it all out on your own, eliminating the need to spend 100's of hours of your time and saving you 1'000's of dollars investing in lots of different programs and wasting money on ineffective strategies.

I am a self investor and have been coached to the highest standards in training and education, business and money coaching over the past 20 years. In particular over the last 5 years I have been helping mine and associated clients create success in their businesses and ministries with a signature program and learning how to professionally speak and teach what they do so they increase their impact and income.

I now choose to specialise in helping my clients create systems, high end offers and learning the art of signing on new clients as my front facing business offers.  Although within my academy we offer many more subjects to support this in my kingdom coaching business launchpad which is designed to help you power up your life, your money mindset and your business.

The key thing to know is that many of my students and mentees have now gone on to develop thriving and lucrative businesses from their first core expert signature systems.

Which  Means... 

We have done all the hard work for you and we are giving you everything you need under one umbrella to pull you forward and power up your business by creating a system that becomes the core essential asset that it is founded on and something that gives you the confidence to know you are on the right path towards helping more people.

When you have one of these you will be able to:

*Organise your unique process step by step
*When clients see the solution to their problems laid out in this way, they will have confidence in you that you can truly help them.
*You will be creating order out of chaos which will make you feel calm and organised about what you do, making talking about your services easy.
*You become an expert in your subject and in todays busy market specialising is the key to attracting new clients
*You will create more revenue as clients will naturally want to work with you.
* You will be able to springboard one idea into multiple offers and reduce any overwhelm about what to offer your clients next, reducing the feeling of starting over every single month.

*You will be able to offer your system in multiple unlimited ways giving you more choice, freedom and time as you'll be leveraging your opportunities.
*Having an expert signature system makes your marketing easy and this will help you create more income too.
*Finally having an expert signature system® helps you focus and helps you avoid bright shiny object syndrome.

Why Enrol Today...

The expert signature system® coaching and training program is second to none it gives you the jumpstart business model you need. And if you're already in business it will help you elevate who you serve at an even higher level. 
 Whether you are at the launch stage, leverage stage or you are already leading your business like a powerhouse CEO and you are a woman who wants to add a new direction or income stream to your business the ESS Group Accelerator program is for you.

Here's what my past clients  have to say...

 Every moment of our sessions is appreciated and received. Netty works both closely and intensely with me; I feel like I am genuinely working WITH and alongside a partner.  We  synchronise in thought and ideas. Netty's passion and dedication is evident in her coaching delivery and I look forward to the journey in completing my ESS. 


"Iv'e Grow my confidence, Created my expert signature system. I've increasing my reach, Ive signed on 2 new clients into my program, and I'm now charging what I'm worth. I'm helping more people grow their relationship with God which is what I love.

Thank you Netty.."


Amazing coach, the way Netty presents resonates with me is in total alignment and synergy. Her knowledge, her approach, the way she flows with ease and grace is amazing. Netty is a blessing to me and all the people she serves as a business and money coach.


"Just finished a session with my amazing coach, PowerUp Coaching Queen Netty B, and feeling excited 🎊 about my next program! Watch the space entrepreneurs, I will be serving you and your children at the highest level. Thank you so much Netty for bringing light to my ideas..."
Type something


 Netty's coaching is uplifting and inspiring and she brings so much clarity, its like a cataract comes off and makes me feel like I can achieve everything for my business by following her guidance. 


"If found value in creating my expert signature system and I realised how valuable a tool that it will be to enable me to explain the value of my program, and what I am now able to do is to show and tell people exactly what I do with so much ease..."


Is The ESS® Accelertor Program The Right Pick For You?



  • Wants the ability to serve more people... while working less
  • Wants help to create a simple structure and focus for your business 
  • Needs something that makes it easy to communicate exactly who you are and what you do
  • Aspires to get better results for your clients and customers
  • Wants to be able to do what you love AND become known for it
  • Loves what you do but aren't certain how to organise your expertise into lucrative, client-attracting offers
  • Aspires to earn 6 or even 7 figure fees without feeling that you're compromising your values, faith or beliefs in the process.


  • Is not willing to take the time to identify your proven process
  • Doesn't want to package your expertise into a profitable, signature program.  
  • Doesn't want to position yourself self as a valued expert to your ideal clients 
  • Doesn't want to attract clients easily with less marketing 
  • Doesn't want to lose the overwhelm and chasing shiny objects. 
  • Is happy staying as you are and not willing to walk by faith and do the work to progress in your business or ministry. 

Why I'm Doing This

I believe that after many years of trying to find my IKIGAI (being in the centre of Gods will) and working in many different professions, I realised that I am called and anointed for kingdom business and specifically towards women's entrepreneurship.

I choose to outwork my calling by helping ambitious faith filled female entrepreneurs and coaches just like you learn how to launch, leverage and lead a profitable ministry /businesses that you love by turning your God given gifts and talents into a profitable expert signature system® that helps more people and grows your business.

I do this because I strongly believe that when good women and godly women get money great change can happen in the world. I believe that it's time to teach women everywhere that they no longer need to rely on the economic system of the world, but instead show them how to tap into that resource that lies within them divinely planted by God called their GIFT.
Once a woman can see and tap into this and really learn to break free from any limiting beliefs and  reset her mindset about money, then she is  free to start the journey of truly faithing it forward into becoming the best and highest version of who God designed her to be.


+ 1 YEAR access to the Kingdom Biz Growth Incubator Membership (KBGI) where you get exclusive access to training in business growth strategies, soulful sales, aspiration  marketing, money mindset and much more.
Plus you get access to Power Up Coaching Academy client community and all the faith & confidence building, personal development you need to make you rise and shine in your true calling as a powerhouse Faith Filled Female business owner.



Includes extensive training on the Expert Signature System® plus all the pieces you need to build it out, plus done-for-you brand as your own templates, checklists, swipe files.  

+ Fill in the blanks 3, 6 & 12- month coaching package outlines that you can use instantly to create your packages from your Expert Signature System®.  

+ Done for you 1/2 Day and 1 Day Intensive outlines so you can start making income from one element of your Expert Signature System® even while you're still creating it.      

+ LIFETIME access to the ESS online content and any updates (Priceless)        

++BONUS: Half Day Wealth & Worth Mastery Group VIP Day (Value £695)    

Special Priority Bonus:
PLUS for EASY/ FULL PAY CLIENT  1:1 Miracle Money Breakthrough Method Private Session    

 The right gift at the right time can open up new opportunities and gains access to influential people. Proverbs 18:16-The Voice

Faith Filled Female Entrepreneur,  Kingdom Builder and Destiny Shaker are you ready to take that step of faith into your next level of success?

If you're still contemplating...

If you choose not to invest in yourself by  jumping on this powerful life changing  and transformative program. You will not only be doing yourself and your potential clients an injustice, but you will also be leaving your potential to impact more lives and increase your own income on the table. You may even stay wondering where you could have been a year from now.

The truth is there is enough space for you in the marketplace,  the key is making you stand out and the way e do that is with your own expert signature system®.  
Secondly, there are clients out there waiting to hear about what help they can get from you.  
The real question is are you going to continue to do yourself a disservice by not stepping out in faith with your message and inhibit your ability to unleash your voice in a way that is unique to you. Or are you going to say Yes and truly embrace the next step by faith and have full confidence that you are in good hands that will care for you and coach you flexibly and show you how to  win.

Now here's what you want to pay attention to.

I am offering the opportunity for you to enrol for my program during workshop time ONLY at a £2000 discount.  
This investment opportunity is designed  to make it a no brainer for you to get moving in the right direction - Are you a Heaven Yes?  As outside of the workshop the price goes back up to £4497 with no offers and no discounts.

To secure your spot today and take advantage of this opportunity!
All you have to do is click the button below to book your ESS enquiry call. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry you will have lifetime access to the ESS Program (that's the lifetime of the program or me) that you enrol into. However membership to the  Dream Bizz Growth Incubator is renewable annually on or around the date you joined. 

Not at all, you are in the right place, we start all our clients off by helping them figure out who they want to serve and by creating their foundation Expert Signature System. Then from there we will coach you on all the other necessary business components around that. 

No, but we will do a business audit to see where you are in terms of reaching your intended goals and will guide you with the best starting point for you. However we have found that all our clients end up starting with revamping their offers and program structure and crafting them into an Expert Signature System®. 

Yes, all our 3 month, 6 month and 12 month group clients receive opportunities to have private master coaching sessions or VIP days at an additional investment if it is not included in your package selection.  

At Power Up Coaching Academy our focus is client satisfaction and we ensure all our services are delivered with a spirit of excellence and to the highest standard. However should you not be satisfied with any part of our service, you are encouraged to contact us by email with your query which will be acknowledged within 24-48 hrs and responded to accordingly.

At Power Up Coaching Academy our focus is client satisfaction and we ensure all our services are delivered with a spirit of excellence and to the highest standard. However should you not be satisfied with any part of our service, you are encouraged to contact us by email with your query which will be acknowledged within 24-48 hrs and responded to accordingly. We do not offer a money back guarantee for this program as yo gain instant access to all content.



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Launch Your Minstry or Business Into Success Today

Ready to roll up your sleeves and put faith into action?

Disclaimer: The testimonials and examples used are of real client experiences and their actual outcomes. Every effort has been made to represent our program accurately and these testimonials are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve similar or the same results. Each person's success depends on her or his level of dedication, prior experience and motivation to succeed in any of our programs.