Want to get more done in less time this week?

Time management tips that will help you do more in less time.

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Want to get more done in less time this week?

Here's my quick tip for you that will make a big difference in your business when you adopt it, but if you don't you will struggle to keep on top of everything and it will feel like tasks are overwhelming and what I'm talking about is adopting the principle of setting


 Time Blocks.


 Now when I use time blocking in my business it actually makes me feel really accomplished and that gives me the momentum that I need to go onto the next task or thing that I have to do.


 Time blocking is also a great thing to do as it really helps you get more done in less time.So here's what works for me, I usually create a block of time for each task I have to do and decide exactly how long I will do it. 

Let me give you an example: 

I’ll set one hour per day for an ongoing project or maybe forty-five-minute batches for marketing on Facebook. This keeps me on track and prevents me from spending too long on any one task. It's a really simple concept but a really powerful one too to help with anyone wanting to become more productive as well as helping you to start batch tasking.


 I'd love to know what works for you in your business and if you decide to try my way do let me know how it goes and if it really supports you to get more done in less time. Want more time management tips?


Why not send us a comment by clicking here about what works for you and you can download my FREE time management cheat sheet here

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