The myths about what you need to start your coaching business debunked.

All you need to get into action in your business and its not what you think!

Did you know to get your business or ministry started you only need 6 things to be clear on and it’s not what you think?

So many women entrepreneurs and coaches get stuck at the getting started stage for far too long and I don't just mean people who are new in business. I’ve spoken to many women entrepreneurs who come up against blockages and it’s a real problem no matter how long they have been in business.

I was on a call with a new client today who shared that she is still struggling to get clear on what she wants to do for her business, even though she has had a lot of coaching and guidance in the past, taken multiple courses, and been in business for a few years now. The problem she recognizes she has is she still hasn't really ever gotten the clarity she needed, even though she’s been serving her clients at the highest level ( ie giving away her time and energy but undercharging).

This broke my heart to hear because there is a simple fix to this problem and that is to get crystal clear on what to say to your prospective clients in terms of what you offer. Now like my client who before she came to me to get her knowledge systemized, said she didn’t have a clue what her business truly offered, and not having this clarity confused her all the more and kept her stuck in her head. I recognize this as a universal problem that so many women entrepreneurs know they have too..!

The consequence of this is that your prospective clients know this too, and will pick it up and this will affect their decision to work with you or not! Here's the thing, my client is brilliant, talented, an expert, and gifted in many ways and this is the problem, she doesn't know which part of her expertise she should put forward first in her business and this is stopping her from getting started right.

Yes, she's serving clients now, but the clients are pushing her boundaries on deliverables which are making her feel undervalued and exhausted, and she's not getting paid what she truly deserves. So what we coached on was an 11step process to get her crystal clear on the next steps she needs to take to get into motion, and I reminded her she needed to focus on the power of one and not on all the things that she thinks she needs to do before to be ready.

All those voices that are lying to her in her head telling her what she thinks she needs have to be silenced!

I remember when I first started my new online business after running an offline training and coaching business for the previous 10 years and had to pivot online as most people did in 2020. I retrained as a money breakthrough business coach and got certified and this is exactly what my mentor taught me, which was to leave all the complications behind, forget the SOS - (shiny object syndrome), and start out where I was.

She said 'Netty you don't need the fancy website, the complicated marketing funnels, and all the other stuff you get told you need when you first start out'. No, i didn't, I just needed to focus on:

1️⃣ clear package

1️⃣ clear price

1️⃣ one clear process

In order to deliver the results I had promised I could to my prospective clients! That was it!

The basics of getting started on my high ticket coaching journey and specializing in helping other people who were stuck to create their expert signature systems, and packages and get their pricing right it was a winning trio thank you very much!

So here’s what I coached my client to do today and that was to realize too what she needed to let go of to start moving forward, and you may even relate to some of this yourself.

🖐🏾1: Perfectionism has to go- because it is the enemy of progression

🖐🏾2: Indecision has o go- because it is the enemy of stepping forward in faith

🖐🏾3: Inaction has to go- because it's the enemy of impact and income

And instead here’s what my client and so many other women entrepreneurs should be focussing on - (I turned it into a list for you to use right away -and to be clear I coached her on all this in 30 minutes.) 🙂

1: To get clear on who she wants to serve

2: To choose one thing from all her experience

3:To get clear on exactly what she wants to serve them with overall

4:To package that one thing into an expert signature system

5: To create one plan of how she will deliver this

6: To get clear on the process of how the sessions will look

7: To decide on her initial price

8: To set up a way to take payment

9: To create a coaching one sheet to share the package details with her new client

10: To sign that client into her program1

11: To prepare her simple onboarding paperwork


Bonus Tip: To deliver the package promised and wow her client by overdelivering once she has paid her and not before.

Here's the thing, if you're reading this right now and you recognize some of these struggles that my client has too in your business, and you know you're ready and need to get clarity and you know you can't wait any longer and are ready to take that faith step forward in your business, or possibly you know you're still stuck in your head and it's driving you crazy and this is keeping you from moving forward...

I invite you to book a business insights call with me today and I will help you see more clearly what your next steps need to be. And I promise you by the end of the call there will be no more blind spots and you'll have a game plan of exactly what you need to do next for your specific situation in order to help you move from darkness into light!

Here's what you need to do next.

Click this link to book a call now in my calendar so that you too can start to focus your efforts right for your business or ministry success in 2023 and so that you too start to see clearly as the day behind me.

PS: If you're serious and ready to power up your business for 2023, look the truth is you need a system. And the only way to truly discover what to do with all of your expertise is to get on a call with us.

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