Help Your Clients Win with Your Expert Signature System®?

Help Your Clients Win with Your Expert Signature System®?

Want to Make Sure Your Clients Are Getting the Most Out of Your Expert Signature System®?

After creating and setting up your expert signature system®, there is something you still need to do and that is to be there for your clients and customers to offer them support and gain their feedback on how they are using your system in their life or business. 

What we find most common is the likelihood that your clients will need a lot more help from you and you will also need to know whether they are getting the required results from your system or not and, if not, it's important to investigate why.

The key thing here is that you can make the necessary improvements to your system using the feedback you gain and this will be vital in terms of how you go about perfecting your expert signature system® and making it even more successful.

Help Your Clients Remove Overwhelm and get unstuck

When you create an expert signature system®, you write it in a way your target audience can easily understand. But it’s inevitable that some people will still get stuck somewhere and become overwhelmed along the way. One thing you can do is be there to help them get out of overwhelm and un-stuck. Give your clients and students a way to contact you or a member of your team, and reply ASAP with the answers they need to help them move forward.

You might find that many clients and customers are getting stuck at the same point in your program. One step in your program might be slowing everybody down. This means that you need to make some changes there, such as adding more information to clarify or asking them what would help them make that step easier. 

In a coaching course that I am facilitating right now training up participants to become certified business coaches feedback that I gained on one module was that they needed videos broken down into steps when they were learning the coaching modality. I took that feedback on board chopped up the videos into consumable sizes so that it made learning the whole modality that bit easier for them.  

So in your case, you might need to provide resources to your clients and customers in order to help them work through your system and achieve the desired results you set for it. For example, let’s say you’re teaching people how to produce videos for YouTube. Rather than going into choosing editing software in the course, you might provide them with a list of free, easy-to-use editing programs, when you do this they will really value the added input and it helps them win.

Technically Challenged? Get Tech Help

There’s a good chance that your program will be enjoyed by people of many different demographics, and some may be less tech-savvy than others. A tech task that’s second nature for you could actually be a real stumbling block for some of your clients and customers and if they feel stuck this could prevent them from getting through the full program and you don't want that.

Here's what you can do instead, keep in mind when you are planning your expert signature system steps, to write each step as if your participant has zero technical knowledge.  Literally, give them the basics of what they need to know and provide additional resources to support them if necessary. They will really value this and feel like they are truly being supported to overcome the tech. 

Build layers of Support into Your Signature Program

What you will also find happens most of the time is this, even if you tell your clients and customers that you are there for them whenever they need you or that you're just at the other end of the phone, or an email away.  The likelihood is that they still might be hesitant to reach out and contact you.  

For this reason, it’s a good idea to build your support into the course or coaching program itself. The thing is if you check in with them regularly throughout the program, they are more likely to ask you things they otherwise wouldn’t. I run several courses, group, and 1:1 private coaching programs and I factor in opportunities for questions in many different ways. 

One way I do that is by having a set day for Q&A and emails, discussion boards, and community spaces. So there are various ways that my clients and customers can get in touch with me easily. For you, there are so many different ways to choose from, Firstly you can have a conference call at the end of each step or at certain points along the way. 

Your program can include group sessions where clients work together with or without you as a coach or as a “teacher” as a moderator. You can also include quizzes, tasks for reporting progress, or like me have a mix of all of these and regular Q&A times. The important thing is that you factor in time for helping your client's past and hurdles. 

The Importance of Follow Up

One thing I know about being a coach and being a client is how crucial having a follow-up strategy is. When you follow up with your participants after they’ve completed the program you get the opportunity to support your client into the next steps of implementing your program. 

The point is to make sure it worked for them and they got the results they wanted. If the program teaches them something where the results appear in the long-term, schedule regular follow-ups in the coming weeks or months. Make sure you ask them for a testimonial that you can use in your marketing.

If your participants didn’t get the results they hoped for, you need to find out why. This will give you invaluable feedback to help improve your course for future customers.

Are you ready to get started on designing and profiting from your own expert signature system®?

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