Hate Selling? – Ready to Overcome Your Resistance to Sales?

If you hate selling, this blog post is a great read to help you take steps to overcome your fears.

Does selling make you feel icky?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. For many people, it's not a great feeling either. Sadly the image of selling isn’t a positive one for many people. 

However, would you agree that having the skills and ability to sell is vital if you want to run a business online?  If you have a resistance to selling the sad truth is you will need to work at it to overcome your aversion.

The truth is this, all it takes to shift this is a reset of your mindset about what selling is.

Selling is serving and helping people.

One chief reason people hate selling so much is that they see it as something that is manipulative. The reason it is perceived this way is that you are trying to persuade someone to buy something almost against their will in the normal sense and possibly using underhanded tricks to do so.

However, the difference is if you are offering a service or a product that you know is going to help your prospective client, then there is really no manipulation involved at all. And here’s why- you are in fact ‘serving’ them and not ‘selling’ to them. 

 Let me share an example:
Imagine you are a coach selling coaching packages to help a client overcome their issues with a faulty mindset that's stopping them from doing well in their business. 

Rather than trying to convince the person to take up your coaching by focussing on your knowledge, skill, and psychology credentials, you could instead offer a free clarity call. Then you can simply share a few tips that will help your client get a quick win and share things that they can practically apply, to move them a step forward and get a result. 

The outcome being once they have tried what you have taught them, they will see the value in what you offer. Make sense?

Actively Listen to your Prospective Client. 

Another big reason people hate selling is that it can come across as annoying and as though you are being pushy. This is only a result of the typical picture of the average salesperson. You know, the person that speaks so fast as if there is no tomorrow, and all you feel as the potential client is total overwhelm. You may also feel as if you are being backed into a corner to buy and this is not good.

The difference is really this, in order to sell well you actually have to be an exceptional listener. This means putting your clients' needs first and understanding what it is that they want. 

And it also means being good at follow-up after they decide to work with you to see what they enjoyed about working with you and also what improvements could be made or what could be changed to improve the service.

Do You Provide a Personal Process?

Often times we may see sales as very impersonal. i:e that the salespeople only see prospects as just numbers on a page. Going for quantity over the quality of the interaction and the fit of the person to the product or service. They focus on hitting targets and as many prospects as possible until one buys because to them it's just a numbers game.

That's not the way to do it! That is not serving before selling. It's not the way we do it in our business or how we teach and coach our clients to do it either.

In order to be an effective and great salesperson, you need to connect with the prospect personally. This is really important because you want to foster an environment that is supportive and collaborative, so you are working with your clients towards an outcome and solution to help them fix their problems. 


Is Confidence A Big Issue?


So many service-based business owners I have spoken to say that they hate the selling part in their businesses, stating that they are more comfortable to do the coaching or training or speaking but they really do shy away from the selling part. 

I get it I used to hate it too. But I soon realized that if I didn't turn from serving to selling then in fact I am not helping my clients at all.

And of course people tend to hate selling at a real core level the reason for this is it actually makes some people feel really sick... Seriously, I am not making this up. And this happens to us because we innately hate to hear the word: NO

To put it simply, being rejected hurts. Even when you know it's not a personal rejection, it still stings your ego and hits your confidence, especially when you put all your effort into the call, and it's a NO.

However, fear not because there are so many things you can do to build your confidence. The reality is that confidence grows naturally through your experiences. The more you face rejection, the stronger and more resilient you become.

Equally, you can grow more confidence by understanding your service and product really well and how it can genuinely help people. Just like in my business I know that having an Expert Signature System is a game-changer for my clients as it really helps them to get that chaos out of their heads and packaged into a step-by-step process that they can create high-end packages from, which increases their value, bottom line,  self-worth and helps them to charge thier worth. 

It’s actually priceless learning! Now if I kept all that wisdom and knowledge to myself because I was afraid of selling and hearing a No, what about all those lives that have been changed as a result of me not being afraid to serve and sell to them. 

Their businesses wouldn’t be growing, their income and impact wouldn't be where it is today and they would still be stuck in their head trying to figure out what to do with all that passion, skill, knowledge, and expertise they hold. So the reality is you have to get out of your own way and think about the benefits to your clients.

However, the good news is once you get rock solid sure about the strength of your product, you’ll naturally be better at communicating this to any potential clients.

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