Priority Setting to Reach Your Goals

4 Reasons You’re Missing The Finish Line and how to fix them.

Do you ever feel like you work really hard, but never seem to get anything done? This is a real common problem that plagues many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners.

If this sounds like you and you find that you’re struggling to reach your goals, you’re probably falling into one of these four snares:

1 - Prioritizing is Not a Priority

I want you to consider how you get started on your daily list of things to do? Do you just pick one randomly off the list and get moving?

The reason I am intrigued is that it’s likely that you’re not getting anything done could simply be a case of not actually setting the right priorities for yourself.

I know we can do a better job of identifying priorities by looking at a list of three to five daily items, that’s great, and even choosing which is the most urgent and important.

Then, what you want to do is take the remaining items and repeat. Repeat this until you have a list ranked from most to least important.  This is the outcome of making prioritizing a priority.

2 –Distractions Overload

The second thing you may not even notice before it’s too late is the fact that your day may be dragging along without you actually getting anything productive done, Ask me how I know this!  Here’s why,  because you’ve failed to eliminate unnecessary distractions. In fact, you may not even consciously realize what’s distracting you at that moment.

The problem is we live in an age of constant mobile notifications from our ever-present computer screens, phone screens, and tables that surround us. Add to these distractors the regular interruptions from people and phone calls, and it’s a wonder how anyone ever gets anything finished that they had planned to.

Here’s a great tip: What I have found works for me is that while I’m working on a specific task especially if I know I need to get something finished if I’m writing a new course module or even as I write this post I turn off my phone or put it on silent upside down and other notifications and I don’t check my email.

What you can do instead is let the people around you know that you’re not to be disturbed and tell them why. If you have phone calls or urgent matters, take care of them quickly or arrange another time when you can give them your full attention. Sounds simple but in reality, can be so hard to do. My simple request- Try it!

3 - Tasks Are Taking You Too Long

Even if you have a well-prioritized to-do list, you might find yourself getting to the end of your day with several items still left untouched. This is really common and it’s because everything is taking much longer than you initially expected.

So what I have found works for me and what helps me avoid this happening is to set myself a time limit for each thing I need to complete. Decide that, for example, you’re going to spend one hour on say on your marketing project, or you’re going to work on client engagement for a maximum of two hours and then pick it up again the next day

4 - Your Flow is Off

It’s important to recognize that we all have optimal times of day when we’re most productive and at our best. Do you know yours? If not you will want to work this out so that you can schedule the most important or most difficult tasks that you have to do during those times.

For example, if you’re at your best during mid-morning, why not set aside that time to get most of your work done.  I work better in the evening, so I set myself time to do most of my heaviest workload then. You also want to eliminate any distractions and really get focused on the most pressing tasks during these hours.

Each of us also has optimal times for certain types of tasks. You may be best at problem-solving, for example, in the afternoon after lunch. You might find that evening is your “idea time” when you get inspiration. Scheduling your tasks during the appropriate times is going to be the best way to play to your strengths and flow to get even more done.

Stay Focused On The Goal

The final thing you can work on improving is your efficiency and you can do this by keeping your goals at the top of your mind and by making sure that the tasks you spend your time on getting you closer to achieving them.

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