How to Get Your Unique Expert Signature System® to the Audience Who’s Eagerly Waiting for it!

Ready to reach more people with your signature system

You have a great expert signature system® that you absolutely know gets guaranteed results. But here’s the thing how do you get your system in front of the right audience who needs it? The key to unlocking this is to choose the right marketing methods that are effective in reaching your ideal target audience.

What Is an Expert Signature System®?

An expert signature system® is what I like to term steps of achievement, and it’s most likely a system that you have used before knowingly or unknowingly to solve a problem or perhaps a challenge that you have faced. Primarily it’s something that you have succeeded at doing or a skill you have mastered and now you are able to teach what you have conquered to other people.

Your expertise can be in any market niche, however, what’s important is that it’s something that you can break down into smaller chunked steps and milestones to coach or train others through. An example could be let’s say you have successfully started a life coaching business that you are now serving many clients by helping them to achieve their goals.

How did you do it? You may have started out by sharing your achievements in one area of your life and then decided to focus on this, you may have started your business online by doing video calls, you drove traffic to your new website, sought out clients in groups, forums, and social media, and before you know it you have a steady stream of clients coming to you. So, what you can do in your expert signature system® creation is to take each of these steps and explain how you did it so that others can replicate your results.

The other benefit to creating an expert signature system® is that it can be broken down into multiple ways. One way I’ve found works really well is if you deliver it as a signature program as this is a really great way to boost your brand as well as grow your business it allows you to gain exposure and is a route to your potentially skyrocketing your income streams.

Find Your Ideal Audience

When it comes to finding your ideal clients the first thing you need to do is know what you are serving them with, by doing this first it makes market matching your program to your audience easier. So, before you deliver your program it’s a really good idea to get to know who it is you want to serve.

One tip is to look for people who are facing the exact problem your expert signature system® is designed to solve. For example, if you’re selling a program on how to create your marketing message that converts, then you will need to target people who are struggling with creating their messaging and attracting the right type of clients. 

For people who are procrastinators, you might want to focus on developing a let’s get into productivity system and target people who need lots of accountability and hand-holding because they feel overwhelmed so don’t ever move forward with taking action.

The key here is this once you have identified and know your audience you can then focus on the type of content that they will likely want to learn, you can discover the best ways to deliver that content for them and also learn what they are looking for. This insight is very helpful to you as you can then tailor your signature program to meet these preferences.

Discover Your Marketing Tactics

In today’s busy online world, you will be met with a lot of different options for telling people about your expert signature system® and coaching programs. Social media is one way to reach people so you might want to write a blog or try live streaming or perhaps start a YouTube channel, there are many other online marketing strategies that are available to use too. I personally like to share my business using Facebook and cross-platform from there.

Next, you will pick your platform and get to know your audience on it so you can reach them and share your content with them. You can think about adding more channels later when you have gained some traction but start by choosing a few tactics you think are best suited to the way you like to work and where your people will be gathering.

Next, you will want to be thinking in terms of creating a simple offer funnel for your system, and what I mean by that is how you will position your program, and where you want to be positioning this in the center of your funnel.

To start the ball rolling what generally works best is if you strategize and set up your lead generation strategy first which means you will develop a way to drive traffic towards the opening of your funnel, that way you can draw them in so they can easily find your program.

Some commonly used methods for doing this include offering a free report as a lead magnet, via email marketing, participating in social media groups relevant to your product, or hosting a free challenge or masterclass that you invite people to participate in, in exchange for their email address or phone number. 

Monitor Your System and Improve its performance

Once you launch your expert signature system®, you want to pay close attention to see what is working and what isn’t working. You will also need to set your conversion goals and what I mean by that is how many leads are turning into customers, this way you will see if you are hitting your targets.

You also need to follow up with participants and get feedback on what they liked or don’t and make any necessary changes. You may find that you're using the wrong tactics or emphasizing the wrong benefits in your offer, that one step in your program is incomplete or difficult, or even that you're targeting the wrong audience. You will want to improve your program based on this feedback and your program will become more effective and valuable.

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