How to use your Expert Signature System® to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Having a uniquely branded expert signature system® is a fantastic way to expand your income streams.

Having a uniquely branded expert signature system® is a fantastic way to expand your income streams.  You can use your expertise to teach your audience how to overcome and solve a specific problem that they have, and this can lead to other opportunities for making additional profits in your business.

I want to share just four ways that you can make this happen right now and generate additional income from your Expert Signature System® which doesn’t cost you any more time trying to make something brand new.

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1. Broaden or Lessen Your System Steps

The first thing you can do is to take one step from your expert signature system®  and broaden it out to make a new system.  Or you can turn your system into a step of a much larger system that goes deeper or teaches something a little more complex.   By doing this you are leveraging your original content and doing what we call repurposing.

Let me share an example:

Imagine you are offering a package from your system on writing and publishing books on Amazon Kindle. Your system will teach your clients and students how to publish a book in just four months.

So, what you would do is take one step about which clearly describes the ‘how to's of self-publishing and create a brand-new program that teaches your new self-publishing system. 

Another great example would be to turn your system on how to create an online course into one step of a new program that teaches how to create, launch, and market your online course in 90 days.

2. Upsell or Cross-Sell

Upselling or cross-selling is simply talking to and telling people who take your program about any other products or services that you offer.

To make this an effective strategy you will want to find something that is complementary to your main offering or anything that they have already engaged in with you and of course something that they can benefit from.

This is a great strategy to support you in driving sales for higher-end and premium offers or for you being to promote a related service.

Your expert signature system and its programs establish you as the expert and an authority on the subject, and then your audience will naturally think of you when they have a problem that they know you are equipped to help them solve.

So for example, if you are teaching people how to eat healthier as a busy entrepreneur or you are teaching them how to get more in tune with their spirituality then you will want to offer your clients and customers related products to help them reach their goals so it might be a daily meal planner or a mediation a day type of product and wrap that all up in some type of personal coaching program.

3. Add in Value by Packaging Your Products

You could create multiple high-end packages from your expert signature system®  or offer added value by providing more content that is relevant and complementary to your initial offer.

This content could include things like resources, worksheets, information products, a video course, coaching sessions, software, and so on. By adding content to your packages, it increases its value for your clients and customers.

An example here is if you’re teaching your time management system to solo entrepreneurs, you could offer time-planning charts or templates, a timer app you developed, or a report on different time management strategies.

When you offer any one of these extras, any combination, or all of them for even more value you will stand out from the crowd and your clients and customers will be really grateful for the help and more likely to recommend you. 

mend you as a coach that over-delivers on their promise.

4. Build a New Expert Signature System®

Since I have been helping clients create expert signature systems what I have noticed is that many successful businesses build multiple streams of income by offering their clients a variety of expert signature programs.

The programs are all related to the core expert signature system® that sits in the middle of the business and is the main subject.  What happens is the focus is on an area related to the overall center topic but is designed to expand the system and help clients in more ways. 

In my business, my main front-facing offer is helping clients to create their own expert signature system® but I have other systems that support their overall business development.  I have an expert signature system for helping them sign on new clients, creating their high end offers, a system for cultivating a million-dollar state of mind, a system for helping them charge their worth, brand their brilliance and I even have a system for helping my clients choose who they want to serve and of course, I have a system for how to launch and market all of these systems so they are successful.

So can you see how wide and deep you could take your initial expert signature system® to help you create multiple streams of income? Awesome right! Remember that all the systems and programs you ever create will have one thing in common, and that is they are there to provide help to your clients with the problems they face.

You may even want to add systems or programs to help you reach out into newer markets too. To make this transition as effective as possible, it’s important to gather lots of feedback from your audience on other programs they would like to see you offer.

For example, in addition to offering a system for decluttering your house, you might offer a program specifically for decluttering an office, or a program that teaches your weekly no-headache cleaning routine. You may also offer expert signature systems for interior decorating, fixing common household problems, or simple living. There is so many ways that you can go with this when you just open your mind to what’s possible.

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