What do you really need to succeed as a coach?

To succeed as a coach, I've discovered you need to have 4 things present in your business.

To succeed as a coach for women and female entrepreneurs, I've discovered you need to have 4 things present in your business.

One thing I know is that most people in the world are good at at least one thing in their life. 

Maybe you are passionate about a certain subject that you feel you want to share with others. Perhaps you have put in a lot of time, effort, and energy doing lots of different activities over the years to build up your experience on your job or in your ministry.

The truth is that all of us can become an expert in at least one area or at one thing especially when we recognize that God is the giver of all good gifts. And as you know I love to help my clients find out their Gift and expertise and package it up into an expert signature system that they become known for.

Here’s the thing, I have been pondering the last few months of coaching with my clients and talking to other coaches in the industry, and here's what I found to be a real problem. 

It’s great to be an expert and package that wisdom and knowledge into a system to teach others, but what it doesn’t mean is that you will also become instantly expert at coaching your clients through your system in a way that you can be sure they will get results and the transformation they are paying you for.  And this is not because you don’t have a great system, not at all, but a system alone won’t do the coaching that all clients need to go alongside the system. 

Let me explain, your system won’t coach your clients on how they are feeling when things aren’t going well at home, your system won’t coach them on how to get over hurdles to keep on going when they feel things are getting tuff, and your system alone won’t coach them to get a breakthrough in every single session on its own.

But there is a way you can guarantee this isn’t a problem that you have to face and how you can make yourself and your expert signature system stand out even more in the busy marketplace. 

Curious to learn more? Then you’ll want to read on.

There are 4 things that I have found that you absolutely need that will make your coaching business or ministry really stand out from the crowd.

Number 1:Having a proven expert signature system that solves a high value problem your potential clients know they have and they are ready to fix that problem is a must-have.

Number 2: Having a coaching modality or model is the way you apply your coaching skills in addition to and around your expert signature system in each session. This is the foundation for success in your sessions. It may also be what is used in a single session when you are not coaching on your system.

Number 3: Having a coaching package created directly from your expert signature system that you create your delivery content and delivery mechanism from.

Number 4: You need a step-by-step coaching process to take your clients successfully from onboarding to post-coaching follow-up. When you have these four things in place you, your business, or your ministry look really professional, you feel confident as a coach, and you’re more likely to sign on new clients easily. 

Why? Because your clients will see you have everything together, you have a clear road map for them to follow in every part of your business, and not only do you have the system but you have the tools, the coaching process, and the coaching modality all fused together and uniquely designed to get the breakthrough results.

Here’s the thing to know and remember, if right now you don’t have all of these systems running smoothly in your business, you are missing a trick and things are more than likely feeling broken. 

Let me tell you the truth. I want to see you make it in this online space, I want to see you having a faith-filled business that honors God first and makes you look professional and feel like a powerhouse coach.

So I want to invite you to learn about an opportunity to connect all the dots and get the know-how on exactly what you need to do in order to get everything fitting together like a jigsaw in your new or existing business. 

Type BIZ COACH in an email or in the comments below and we will reach out to you with more information on how you can get started putting all the pieces together. 

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