Boost Your Brand with Your Own Unique Expert Signature System®

Discover a great way to build your brand by offering your prospective customers and clients services from your very own expert signature system®

Boost Your Brand with Your Own Unique Expert Signature System® 

Did you know that a great way to build your brand is to offer your prospective customers and clients an expert signature system®? This is a system you have used in the past to get specific results. The beauty of having an Expert Signature System is that you can package it into a step-by-step program that you then teach to other people. And every business wants to have one of these because you will end up with a great piece of content that can lead to multiple streams of income.  

Why Build an Expert Signature System?

There are several reasons why small businesses and entrepreneurs choose to create an expert signature system® and one being that the program you offer showcases your expertise. As your customers use your coaching program to achieve the same results you did, this builds your reputation as an expert. Even those who don't take the coaching or course will see you this way and you will become a big name in your niche.

The other benefit to having an expert signature system® is that it will become synonymous with your brand. You will have this one specific tool that's wildly successful, and this will not only boost your brand among your audience, but it will also help you reach new audiences who can benefit from your specific expertise.

The beauty of having an Expert Signature System as the core of your business is that once you have your first system in place, you can expand into other areas and multiple programs or product types. You can create other systems to meet the needs of your market or offer other products and content that's related to your core system as you become better known in your niche.

Branding with Your Expert Signature System

Having a really good expert signature system is the golden key to helping with your branding and contributing to your branding stand out in the busy marketplace.

Your system must provide unique and high value to your audience, and it must also achieve the results and transformation that they expect, and you say it will deliver. 

Therefore, it is important that you spend your time building a system that’s guaranteed to get its user's results. This is important as you not only want to build a system that is in demand but one that is designed to achieve what your audience needs but is one that has the capacity to be improved upon. One way to learn how to improve your expert signature system is through your client’s feedback.

A good thing about expert signature systems is the fact that they tend to be cohesive as well as complementary to your current business. And if you haven’t started yet then you will need to think about making sure any system you build is in line with your overall business ideas. 

Conversely creating a new expert signature system can be the reason you may want to change your brand or perhaps it might make you think about starting a completely different business altogether. 

For example: Let’s say currently you are an online blogging expert and you wish to rebrand yourself and start a whole new business as a copywriting expert you can create a new signature system taking your expertise from blogging and crafting a new step by step system around copyrighting and then niching it down to serve people who are new at blogging or those who want to get skilled at copy for bloggers.

The great thing about this new niche is that you already know the market, you know the problems, and have the experience to now package up your process into a brand-new system you can teach to others.

How to Build a Signature System

Step 1 

Identify Your Expertise for your system. Start by identifying your skills and experience think about things you know how to do well.  

Review the step-by-step process you took. Write each of these steps out and then plan how you will teach each step to your clients.  

Step 2

Find Your Ideal Market. There are people out there that can really benefit from your program.  The fact is it is just a matter of discovering who.  Your current audience could benefit or it could even be a segment of your audience.  However, it could be a totally fresh audience. The point is the people who can benefit most from your system are going to be those who are suffering from the problem it is created to solve. 

Step 3

Create Your Program's Supplementary Content. You will need to first decide on what format suits your audience. In addition to your main signature program which could be either an eBook or a video course, you have to decide what else is needed to give your audience the best value. The key to remember is that you will want to give your clients tasks and actions to do as they are going through your program. 

Step 4

Decide On Your Marketing Strategy. You will want to choose the right marketing strategy that best supports you in reaching your audience, Then tell them all about your program. Ensure that you emphasize the unique benefits it provides. Then you will need to consider the role your program will play inside of your sales funnel, think about where will you position it for best results for your business model.  

Step 5 

Implementation and client follow-up.  Once you release your program, it’s a good idea to keep in contact with your clients in the program.  The point is to make sure they have received the results that they expected when they enrolled. Secondly, you will want to gather as much feedback as possible from their experience so that you can use it to inform any updates and enhancements. 

Want to learn how to do it step-by-step? 

I'm offering a group coaching course that teaches you everything you need to know to set up your own unique expert signature system and gives you the how to’s of teaching it to others. 

You can find out more about how you can get started by clicking here: Get Started.

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