4 Changes That Can Power Up Your Year and Your Life

Get ready to power up your year by applying these 4 changes and be ready for out with the old and in with the renewed?

Are you ready for out with the old and in with the renewed? 

Would you agree that sometimes, making changes that you want to see in your life feels nearly impossible and it really takes a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone to make significant changes that will transform your world? If you want to start your year out right, these subtle changes can be the beginning of a happier, healthier more powerful life.

1. Listen to Your Intuition—This is really important to do and oftentimes we think life is linear and rational when most often it is not and as a result of that we make blind decisions based on only what we know at the time. But what if you started following your intuition and being led by Spirit more often than just your brain or your thoughts? Often, the right choice really is the one we don’t fully understand at the time. The truth is your intuition can lead you down a path you least expect, but that can change your life in exciting ways you could never have imagined. The key is to worry less about connecting the dots and spend more time riding the wave.

2. Understand Your Why—You want to make changes but find year after year, you have yet to make it happen. Don’t worry you’re not alone and one reason for this is probably because you don’t fully understand why you want to make the change. Or perhaps you understand it, but you focus on how hard it will be to make the change. The best thing to do is look at the big goal you have and ask yourself why you want it. Will it free up time, make you healthier, make more impact in the world or make your family life better or even your retirement more comfortable? If the answer is yes, you should keep your thoughts on how much better life will be when you’ve made the change, and then take the corresponding action. The rule of thumb always starts with your “why.”

3. Take Consistent Action—Oftentimes we wait until the time is right to do something meaningful. And for this reason, many of us have regrets later in life. I don’t want that to be your story. Consider this, what do you genuinely want? If you can answer that question automatically, it’s time to take action. Any action is better than no action and it doesn’t have to be the “right” action to begin with just get going.  But by taking that first step it will lead you to discover the right next steps to take that will lead you to where you want to go and being led by Spirit.

4. Stay Shortsighted—Have you ever thought you’d like to make a significant change in your life but then thought yourself out of it, yes not talked yourself out of it but thought yourself out of it? The problem is when we look too far into the future, we can get overwhelmed easily and end up doing nothing.  Ask yourself this, what is the first step I would have to take to make that change.

    Then what is the next step? And the next one. Most successful people didn’t know where exactly they’d end up they just took that first step by faith and with a strong urge to know they wanted to change their lives, and so they did, one step at a time. So my question to you is are you going to let fear of the unknown future steal your joy today and keep you paralyzed or are you going to take a big leap of faith forward towards what God has in store for you in your life your money or your business.  

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