Sell With Soul & Close With Class

29 JUNE 2022 WEDNESDAY, 06:00 PM BST

Your Host 

Netty Bryan 

Want to learn how to use free strategy sessions to effortlessly sell your high-end offers without feeling like you're being pushy or doing a hard sell?

Anyone selling a high-ticket offer, such as coaching programs or consulting services, knows how difficult it is to convert prospects to paying clients.  Part of the problem is about your mindset, and part of the problem is tactical.
Are you ready to learn how to tackle these obstacles to success and still be authentic to yourself?

The solution is to use free 'strategy sessions' to demonstrate your value... without giving away all your wisdom and then coach your prospective client to a yes or no decision to working with you.  

In this 2- Part Webinar Series You'll...

Get Crystal Clear and Know What Your Clients Want and What they Need
So that you can match your offers that will naturally sell themselves

 Your Winning Formula- Strategy Sessions:
 We will look at the benefits of having live conversations with prospects, and how that's the quickest way to convert them to paying clients

Develop a Non-Salesy Mindset for Success  Confront your fears of selling and rewrite any fear stories, so you can build new levels of confidence and unblock any negative feelings that have been holding back your sales success.

Run Soulful Strategy Sessions that Convert
Discover how to use the critical skills to 'sell without selling', including some important do's and don'ts. You'll  learn my 7-Step Process for a Winning Sales Conversation and get opportunity to present live

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